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RF Front Ends for Mobile Devices 2020

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    RF Front Ends for Mobile Devices 2020


    Detailed analysis of technical issues in RF components for smartphones, with a five year forecast.


    This report tracks all the RF Front End (RFFE) components used in 2G/3G/LTE/5G terminals, including smartphones, feature phones, tablets, PCs, hotspots, and IoT devices. Components such as amplifiers, filters, switches, tuners, and LNAs are included. Front End Modules that combine PA/filter/switch/other functions are also included, as well as quadplexers, antennaplexers, and other specialty RF components.

    Date Published:  Jun 2020
    Date Revised:  Jun 2020

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    RFFE Antenna Diplexer Triplexer Multiplexer Extractor Quadplexer Hexaplexer Antennaplexer Tuning Switches Antenna tuner MEMS DTC tuning capacitor impedance tuning antenna tuning aperture tuning amplifier filter duplexer PAD TxM filter bank diversity module DRx CFE PAMiD LPAF LNA low noise amplifier amplifier envelope tracking ET efficiency battery life discrete component smartphone tablet pc hotspot cpe

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